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shonao in wilton_cakes

a sampling of what I've been up to....(picture heavy!)

So I have hardly been on LJ lately. Life has been a mess. It's pretty well sucked.
However, my cakes have kept me focused when nothing else did. So I figured I'd share a few with you guys that I have done over the last year or so.

August 2011 Wedding

This is a wedding cake I did for two HS friends that found each other once again through the wonders of Facebook! *lol*
The flowers are all hand-made by me. Not my best work, but it was still amazingly flattering to have the florist ask me if I used some of her flowers after all! *lol* (I didn't think I had enough flowers, but I was wrong)
There are actual swarovsky crystals on the cake for the bling factor. It was a great wedding :)

Wedding July 2011

This cake was for yet another friend for a tropical-themed wedding. My orders were "Bright colours!" and that was about it! *lol* I cleared the pink, orange, and green with her ahead of time, and this is what I came up with. The hibiscus and the orchids are LIFE SIZED, as well as hand made by myself. I mention the life-sized part, as some of you may not know that these flowers, IRL are larger than my hand fully extended. HUGE!

Notice how thin and NOT clunky they are??? Yeah, hasta la vista, Gumpaste!! I have a new love that makes my flowers look insanely real, I can roll so thin that light diffuses through them like real flowers, isn't sensitive to heat, AND is more durable than gumpaste.
Plus, I never have to colour my paste ahead of time...all my colouring is done after I make all the petals, with petal dust and luster dust.

Beatles Birthday cake 2011

This cake was a ton of fun. :) Made the cake itself "tie-dye", and it was neat to cut into.
The 'Yellow Submarine' coming up on the cross walk on 'Abbey Road'. *grin*Piano keys around the edges...fun!

This cake was seen on a Nationally Syndicated Geek program (what I am showing you is the non-edited version)
A Cake that was seen worldwide! Cake actually revealed at 56:54 after unboxing.
Sorry, no still photos of the cake yet, I've been lazy! But this cake was literally seen by hundreds of thousands of folks. Got an email from a guy in Spain asking if I could ship world-wide! *lol* Told him that was a little out of my delivery radius!

Ok, and finally, two more birthday cakes! One that was specifically for a gf of mine, who's birthday is ON Christmas, so the only cakes she ever got had roses or poinsettias on them. *lol* Understandably enough, that was her only request, fun, and no roses or poinsettias. *LOL*
So I came up with this:

And the horrible picture of the wonderfully morbid Monty Python-inspired cake I made for 3 other friends who share a holiday birthday with my husband (he's a NYE baby, so was another, and two others were born on Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas! They always get the shaft, so I wanted them to have a cake)

So there you have it. a VERY small part of what cakes I've had over the last 9 months.
Currently I'm toying with the idea of quitting doing cakes as a whole (except on rare occasions) and making my flowers full time. Sell them to cake decorators. I'm still fiddling wtih price lists, etc, but I think I'm gonna do it. I mean, what better than to have someone to make the flowers for any cake you have?! TO ORDER! Yeah, still an idea, but I'm at the 'ready to dive-in' area of deciding.
We'll see what happens.


September 2011

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